About Divorce Survival 

Meet Nabila 

Nabila Fowles-Gutierrez is the founder of Divorce Survival. 

Nabila has gone through divorce twice and understands her clients, not merely from a professional point of view, but because she has experienced the pain of divorce first hand. Using solution focused therapeutic hypnotherapy and coaching methods, Nabila combines skill with empathy and most of all love for her clients. Nabila has trained as a litigation friend and worked alongside some of the Top UK law firms and internatonal law specialists to help her clients move quickly through the legal process to focus on their end goal of achieving lasting happiness and freedom in their new lives.  

"It is so rewarding working with Nabila, who expertly guides my clients through the raw emotions of divorce - while I handle the legal issues. Everyone benefits, with less emotional damage and quicker resolution!" 

Aina Khan OBE 

We have created a worldclass system that can exist (even enhance) the legal process to ensure that our clients are never stuck in the limbo of divorce so they can move forward with confidence and ease to start living the lives they deserve. 

Our Process

Divorce Survival is a completely unique system that allows clients, whether or not they have a legal representative, to breeze through their divorce with ease. Each client receives bespoke support tailored to their exact individual needs, creating a strategy and blueprint for success.  

We focus on 3 key areas - 

  • Personal Transformation - working intricately to understand the underlying issues that have led to divorce, you will gain the knowledge, insight and wisdom, learning powerful techniques to build resilience for the future. Using coaching, practical and therapeutic techniques our team will be with you every step of the way in your transformation. 
  • Family Transformation - our team will work with you to ensure your family is supported through the transition and from divorce to living separate lives, positive co-parenting and eventually creating strong blended families. 
  • Legal Results - working alongside lawyers or with litigants in person, our team will expertly guide you through any stage of divorce or family proceedings to ensure that you are confident, and focused on one sole goal, a successful resolution. 

We believe in you ...

What makes the Divorce Survival team unique is that we are not detached impersonal therapists, we are a team of deeply caring, heart-centred change-facilitators that believes in the capacity for tremeandous human growth through adversity. Each of us cares for our clients as if they are our own family members. And believe that any pain be healed with authentic caring and love. 

For us, this is NOT a job...it's a PASSION! 

Let's begin your transformation...

Our team is ready to help you take the first step on your journey of transformation Book a free strategy call to discuss starting this journey